Ignite/UX is Hewlett-Packard’s state of the art integrated installation and disaster recovery tool. Ignite offers an organization the ability to  provide disaster recovery for multiple scenarios. It is a full featured imaging tool that can allow your organization to deploy server images, patch sets and applications in the most flexible way. Ignite is not currently offered for Linux.

Ignite offers the following general features:

  • Bootable tape disaster recovery. A simple script allows you to back up your system boot configuration while the system is running. A bootable tape is created that can be used to restore your system after a disaster or administrative mistake on similar hardware. This type of backup known as make_tape_recovery can be used to change system configuration and to clone configurations to similar hardware.

  • Golden Image system replication. Ignite/UX can allow you to create a base system image which can be used to clone software configuration across to other hp servers with different hardware configurations. We have used Ignite golden images to replicate entire oracle database application server configuraions to deploy similar configurations on new hardware.

  • Network Recovery Image. Known in the trade as make_net_recovery any HP-UX server to make an image of itself for disaster recovery purposes. This image is specific to the server but can enable you to bring a server up at an alternate location in a couple of hours.

  • Patch distribution. Ignite/UX is extremely useful in the distribution of patches to lare numbers of servers or workstations. HP uses it extensively in its education centers to deploy various configurations needed to provide various classes.

hpuxconsulting.com does Ignite/UX


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