Mentoring & Stopgap

Mentoring and stopgap services

You may have systems administrators that know more than we do. You may have someone with three decades of experience to handle these questions. Maybe your situation is different and you need us.

  • Its nice to know if you have a complex or difficult problem you have someone you can talk to and brainstorm with. We can be on call for you.

  • Maybe you have to break in a new Systems Administrator and you just don’t have time to sit with them. Maybe there isn’t time to send him to HP education for weeks of classes. We can come in and help you, teaching good techniques and knowledge transfer.

  • Maybe you have an experienced person who is planning to retire or go on a long dream vacation. Perhaps you have dreaded this moment for a long time, because this person is the one you “go” to when things are tough. can come in, handle vacation coverage and give you piece of mine while your top admin is in Wyoming 30 miles away from the nearest cellular coverage.

  • You never know when you are going to need somebody. We’d like to be the one you go to for your needs, both short and long term. We’d like to build a relationship that helps your business. It only takes a mouse click to begin the process. does mentoring provides stopgap services

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