Installations can be difficult. They require systems administration and management resources that are needed for day to day tasks. There is a simple solution. Bring in someone who loves to do installations to handle the extra work and do knowledge transfer.

  • All kinds of work go into an installation. Does the operating system need to be upgraded? What are the kernel parameters needed for the next version of Oracle? Can we use Ignite/UX to shorten the installation time.
  • We’ve  successfully used  Ignite imaging to drastically cut down the time it takes to get multiple systems into production. We work hard on an image server, get everything working the way its needed and then replicate the configuration to other servers using Golden Images, cutting installation lead times by as much as 75%.
  • We can help you develop and implement quality assurance programs to make sure your core applications work the instant the systems are transferred over. Test plans are your friend, especially if we help you write and implement them.
  • We can help you pick the right level of service for your organization. Some systems need 24 by 7 response. Others can be moved into less costly categories. ServiceGuard and other technologies can be used to make a group of machines form a cluster that is less likely to go off line.
  • Did you know if you are running very old hardware, its possible to craft an upgrade plan that pays for itself in support cost savings in three or four years? We can craft just such a plan. does Installation

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