Windows Administration

We want nobody to misunderstand. For most jobs, Unix or Linux is better. Over the years we’ve had to work on a lot of Windows system and have learned how to integrate them and deal with many common issues.

Area’s of Competance:

  • Windows 2003/2008 Server:  Operates normal server and terminal services servers for several clients on our server farm.

  • Exchange 2003: We’re not experts, but we are using the product and have integrated it with diverse Linux and Unix environments.

  • Windows XP Pro:  We maintain several networks with this operating system as the primary client. We have developed good techniques to protect users from spyware and other vulnerabilites. We have used this client with all of Microsoft Server products back to NT Version 4.0. We have integrated it with LDAP and Linux.

  • Windows XP: If you have a choice use XP Pro. The features removed from this version to make it a home version include the ability to join a domain which is important. Our techniques for protecting against spyware and other vulnerabilities work well on this platform.

  • Windows Server 2003/2008: We consider it one of the best operating systems from Microsoft. We have years of experience intergrating this OS into diverse operating and business environments.

  • Windows Vista/7: We’ll help you upgrade. does windows (reluctantly)

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