Logical Volume Management (LVM)

HP’s LVM system is robust and in use with the majority of established HP-UX operations. hpux consulting can help.

LVM offers the following general features:

  • Mirroring:  Mirror/ux is a paid add in product, that we can use to create higher availability and reliability for your systems. We can duplicate your root drive and critical volumes improving reliability and enhancing performance.

  • Snapshot mirroring: Using OnlineJFS we can provide reliable, cold backups of oracle and other databases with less than five minutes of downtime. These backups improve your ability to recover from a problem or relocate your data.

  • Performance and storage engineering:  We can use the LVM or VXvm suite to lay out your HP-UX or Linux servers storage in a way that allows for growth and superior performance, no matter what your disk setups.

  • SAN/NAS: We can help you  plan or migrate to  a SAN/NAS environment becasue we’ve done this for others. does disk management and san’s

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