HP-Certified and experienced

We take the time to keep up with new technology and maintain professional certification with HP. Our owner holds HP CSA (Certified System Administrator) and is working toward the more difficult HP CSE certification.

Certified and experienced:

  • Currently working a project involving standing up ServiceGuard 11.20 Oracle database packages, two node cluster, C7000 blades.

  • CSA:  H.P. CSA certification achieved in October of 2002.

  • CSE training: Working hard on the CSE examination and experienced in many areas covered by this exam. We don’t just take the test, we prepare for them with real life experience.

  • Performance tuning:  We have developed a custom suite of data collection scripts that collect data without having to license Glance. When used with Glance we can provide a complete picture and provide guidance on how to improve performance. We have compiled thousands of kernels over the years and dealt with many kinds of issues.

  • Experience: We and our partners have decades of experience in the Information Technology field. We’ve talked the talk and walked the walked and gotten our hands dirty for decades. We’re honest about what we can and can’t do and can always find someone to assist us.

  • Networking: Not physical but peer to peer. Our owner is the number two problem sovler in the itrc forums.  He’s helped hundreds of people deal with many challenges in the field of HP-UX and Linux. See itrc for more details.

  • Capacity Planning: One of the things we really love to do (but you still have to pay us) is planning an purchasing new systems. We can provide assistance to your administrators, or take the entire process from the specification to purchase, installation and application configuration. We think new hardware is fun to work with and we can help. has experience and good judgement
We love helping to plan and purchase new servers

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